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This is the Pre-order of NES Transparent Shells page. The Kickstart Super Early Bird project has ended, hence the listing priced has resumed to the original pricing. Thank you for the continuous support! For more detailed info regarding NES Shells, please visit this page: https://retrogamerestore.com/nes-shells-new-project-alert/

  1. The NES transparent cases, both top and bottom, are well produced in factory. The bottom part shell would come with texture but still clear.
  2. The estimated delivery of this product is the late April to mid May2023.
    Old info: it was at frist set as Late May, 2022. (IMPORTANT UPDATE: As we have not yet met the minimum of quantity by the end off 1st of May 2022, the estimated delivery is currently to be announced. The updated dispatch date is estimated to be around late July 2022. More information will be updated once available.)
    The last post regards the date is https://retrogamerestore.com/nes-status-update/
  3. The console of NES and PCBA board are not included.
  4. It supports NES with as many as all possible variants of mainboard we are able to source. We are trying to increase its compatibility with as many mainboards as possible. The compatibility is not guaranteed.
  5. All in-stock items will be dispatched within 3 to 5 days via standardized airmail. However, please allow the out-of-stock items 14 days of preparation from the date of purchase until the order being dispatched. This is to ensure proper assembly and testing of the cartridges for quality control purposes.
    In order to get a replacement or a full refund, the defective unit must be returned to Retro Game Restore first. After the defective unit is confirmed to be received and reviewed, a replacement or a full refund will then be processed. All defective units will be carefully reviewed, a replacement or a full refund will not be eligible for the defects which are made by inappropriate modifications or any kind of misuse under any circumstances.
  7. This product is with 1-year warranty. Misuses of any kind such as careless soldering and modifying or firmware update failure are not covered by warranty. Retro Game Restore will provide tech support for the products which are still warranty effective free of charge. The users should only bear the shipping costs. For the products which are no longer warranty effective,
    please kindly contact us via Facebook message or Twitter for details of tech support and fees. Shipping costs of returning products to Retro Game Restore should be borne by the users. The costs of shipping the products back will be taken care of us.
  8. This product is not designed, manufactured, sponsored, endorsed, or licensed by Nintendo® of America Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.

How to put all together with your own OG NES



Here is the tutorial to disassemble the NES main board:


And please watch the video below to learn the right way to use screwdrive correctly without breaking the screws, especially for those screws from your from old consoles.


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