Retro Game Restore was founded on 2016 as an independent studio. Based in Taipei, Taiwan. Retro Game Restore determines to provide the best quality in every product, which is why we insist on local sourcing only, from the material, sampling to the final golden production, all are Made in Taiwan. Every parcels we deliver to your hand all have been tested, made sure the quality has passed our standards. Products which are not designed and developed by Retro Game Restore are licensed legitimately from the original developers or publishers. As a gamer in heart, the products are also tailored to meet the expectations from all gamers across the world, no matter it’s US, EU or PAC versions. It is our promise to stay true for the community for the great support along the way.

The founder/developer, Martin, has been a hardcore retro gamer since the age of 10. Born in the 70s, the first gaming system he ever possessed was ‘Super Dimension Fortress Macross’ (超時空要塞マクロス) of Nintendo Famicom. It was the golden era of Famicom. Everything was a brand new experience and rooted in the memory. Gaming quickly became the greatest interests and the power to uncover more industry knowledge later on. As a developer who is keen to Do-It-Yourself, Martin quickly entered into the world of molding and altering the hardware and software. It leads to the path where he decided to dedicate his passion in retro gaming systems to the community. It is with his every intention to create more golden memories by making products of which the products he is proud.

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