Different material injection test. It is Solid color white ABS. Too busy today, will put them all together and check all details. Just random color, no particular reason trying this color.

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First, sorry for the delay for the pre-order batch of Carnivore2 MSX Cart. All of them will be ready to be shipped in two weeks.

Some more inquries again, we just started a limited amount new pre-order of Carnivore2. Aim to ship them in Sep.

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Carnivore2 MSX cartridge

Latest Pre-Order session started at June 2023. the estimated shipping session would be around late Aug to mid Sep ...


Almost 99.6% of NES clear shell preorders placed before May 2023 were all posted. All customers should have the email with tracking# from us. If you don't, check the spam mail folder plz.

Thank you for your patience for allowing us extra time to perfect the product.

FYI, The pink one is now in stock and will be available for purchase in our web store later today.

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Twitter feed video.
Retro Game Restore @RgRDev

Some more combination test with the Sakura Pink faceplate testing sample. Not bad but I guess I can make it better to tune the color a bit. https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1623645583750868994

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