[NES Shells] New Project Alert!

At the very end of 2021, we hope everyone has been enjoying a festive time with the loved ones. We would like to add some sprinkles to give more excitement for the next year!

A lot of you reached out and asked if it is possible to make some certain projects from time to time. We always keep your voice and comments in mind. This is why we are releasing this very latest update to you: NES Shells!

NES shells, as you are aware of, are constituted of 2 parts, the upper and the lower shells. As shown in the images:

In the tradition of RGR here, we would like to start off this project by showing our gratitude towards the community who’s been supporting us along the journey. Here is the special Early Bird Pre-order: A complete set of NES transparent shells, both top and bottom cases, at USD$99. First 100 sets only. The estimated dispatch date would be in late April of 2022, and the MOQ (Minimum of Quantity) is 500 sets.

It is guaranteed you are on the priority list to have the products at your hand once ready and available. All crowdfunding will go into the preparation of this project – the sampling and molding. After the Super Early Bird Pre-order ends, we will kick off the project and the listing price will resume to normal. For NES transparent shells, we will be offering 2 options moving forward: 1) a complete set of transparent shells: both top and bottom; and 2) only the upper shell (transparent). Option 2 will be available at a later time of the year.

If you have any inquires, please do not hesitate to contact us via email. You can also stay tuned on our social: Twitter and Facebook.

Wish everyone for a better and brighter new year! Be great, 2022!