RS07Pie Adapter and DPI Display Hat


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Description of RgR RS07Pie Adapter:
1. This adapter supports Raspberry 3B/3B+/2B and ZERO/ZERO W.
2. It uses joystick, battery, speaker and screen from RetroArcade(aka RS-07), itself.
3. Improved audio amplifier that allows user to adjust sound volume with more precision
4. It provides power to RS-07 which also charges the battery. The battery life for RS-07 and RPi3B+ together would be about 2 to 3 hours.
All you need is one RS-07, one RgR DPI Display Hat, and this package from RgR (cables included).


Description of RgR DPI Display Hat board:
1. This display hat supports Raspberry 3B/3B+/2B and ZERO/ZERO W.
2. A nice ultra-fast 18-bit color display.
3. We tested 40pin 4.3″, 5″ and 7″ TFT display, all work perfectly.
4. Backlight booster that can support any 40pin TFT display. 25mA, 75mA 150mA current supported.

The assembly videos made by Johnny are below:
Part 1 of 3 video
Part 2 of 3 video
Part 3 of 3 video continuation of Video 2.

Package included:
1. RgR RS07Pie adapter board.
2. 3 USB ports extended adapter (cable included)
3. Extended SD card cable.
4. Extended 3.5mm audio wire for RgR adapter to Raspberry Pi.
5. Micro USB power line for RgR adapter to Raspbery Pi.
6. RgR DPI Display Hat board.

* * (Important) what’s NOT INCLUDED – RetroArcade (aka RS07), Raspberry Pi, SD Card are all NOT INCLUDED.
You will need to source these yourself.

* Please allow 6 days from date of purchase until postage. This is to ensure proper assembly and testing of the RS07Pie adapter board for quality control purposes.

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