Transparent Faceplate for Nintendo DS Lite Shell


1 - 4 pieces
$9.40 (5% off)
5 - 9 pieces
$8.90 (10% off)
10+ pieces



This is all you need to turn your NDS Lite with broken upper LCD in to a slim Gameboy Macro!


And what you would need to do this mod?
just one “PSP 200x speaker” and you have to remove the touch sensor panel out of the lower screen and one “330ohm SMD resistor“. Then you would be all set. :).

You dont need to source the PSP 200x speaker and 330ohm SMD resistor at all, as we would provide this tiny speaker together with the faceplate for you.

You would get these from RGR in one package.

  1. Transparent faceplate (mold injection).
  2. PSP 200x super slim speaker
  3. 330ohm SMD resistor


How to modify your DS Lite?
here you go:



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