PREORDER [Genesis/MegaDrive] Clear Transparent Shells


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Thanks for the great support from this community and all of you who have faith in us – We reached the goal of 100 sets for Super Early Bird session!!!

It is our every intention and sole purpose to only make high quality products, and this is why sourcing and sampling could take up a lot of our production budgets. We have spent almost all of our budget in making Genesis/MegaDrive with its sampling and molding. However, we really want to make Genesis/MegaDrive happen for you. And, please note that this clear transparent shell is only suitable for Model 1 of Genesis/MegaDrive.

Please also be kindly noted- this product will only be manufactured once we hit the MOQ of 500 sets of Genesis/MegaDrive clear transparent shells. A full refund will be processed if the target is not met. Should the MOQ is met, we aim to start dispatch orders around Sep 2022. Stay tuned with the announcements posted on our social media!

If you have any questions regarding this package, please do not hesitate to contact us via Facebook, Twitter or Email.

Note: Here is the tutorial to disassemble the SEGA MegaDrive/Genesis mainboard:

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