Genesis/Mega Drive Smoked Transparent Shells [Model 1]


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  1. The Genesis/Mega Drive smoked transparent case is well produced in factory.
  2. Case from us is made from Polycarbonate.


If you have any questions regarding this package, please do not hesitate to contact us via Facebook, Twitter or Email.

Note: Here is the tutorial to disassemble the SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis main board:


DON’T use the Diagonal pliers to cut the acrylic!!!

The back panel of Genesis/MegaDrive from RGR is made of laser cutting acrylic. Using pliers do cut acrylic but the acrylic plate would be broken for sure. This is a very basic knowledge to work with acrylic. The best way to cut it is using a knife carefully. And, if you just use the finger force to press it out and not hold the rest of it using tools, acrylic would break also. Please be mindful when you want to cut any parts of the back panel we offered.

We had shared the laser cutting file on our GitHub repo:
If the instructions above from the GitHub repo and had your shells broken, the fastest way to salvage for you would be finding a local acrylic cutting shop to make one.

Here is the video from RetroRGB Bob assembling the shell, if you don’t know how to put all things together, we would suggest you to watch the very 1st part of this video for Genesis / MegaDrive before you start to work on yours!



And please watch the video below to learn the right way to use screwdrive correctly without breaking the screws, especially for those screws from your from old consoles.


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