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To get the best quality Composite video from your Famicom console. As the curcit path is super short and it would get rid most noise from main board itself. You can just place this adapter under the PPU of Famicom, just remove the R6 and Q1 2SA937 from OG Famicom Board, and solder three pins (Video, VCC, GND) and one wire from video output point. That’s all.

For HVC-CPU-05 Main BoardFor HVC-CPU-05 Main Board

For HVC-CPU-07 Main BoardFor HVC-CPU-07 Main Board

For HVC-CPU-GPM-02 Main BoardFor HVC-CPU-GPM-02 Main Board

Have this adapter solder right under the PPU after removing the  R6 and Q1(2SA937)


For anyone interested in this adaptor, please make sure you have the ability and suitable equipment to solder part of the product to the right position.

This product is with 1-year warranty. Misuses of any kind such as careless soldering and modifying or firmware update failure are not covered by warranty. Retro Game Restore will provide tech support for the products which are still warranty effective free of charge. The users should only bear the shipping costs. For the products which are no longer warranty effective, please kindly contact us via Facebook message or Twitter for details of tech support and fees.

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