RGR Update

As many of you are aware, RGR is a one-person studio which insists in providing the best quality of retro gaming equipment for the retro game lovers and community. Unfortunately, for the past few days, I have been hospitalized in ICU and general ward. Things were a bit dark and I wasn’t able to handle customer care at that time. I am awfully sorry for delaying the orders.

I am now clear from ward and the orders are now being handled as I am now back to the studio. However, I would like to ask for a bit more time as my body is currently slowly recovering, so I cannot work for too long per day. I will keep sending out packages and hopefully I can catch up soon. All the preorders are estimated to be sent out within 2 weeks of time.

With the purpose to expedite the process and catching-up, I would like to invite all the customers and who are of interests in RGR products, before sending me emails or DMs, please kindly check twitter or RGR official website for the latest update and announcements.

I would like to thank you who sent me warm messages and blessings, I will recover soon and be back to RGR at no time. Thank you for your consideration and support, it does mean a lot to me.

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Author: rgrdev

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