HuCard Cover for PC Engine DUO made by 65K2


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Some insistence is existed just for perfection.
Factory level new made HuCard cover for PC Engine Duo.

Note: this product is not made by RGR, it is mayde by 65K2, friend of RGR, in Taiwan. If you get any inquary/question about this prodcut, please fell free to get contact them via

RGR just help them to promote it and we actualy dont sell this on our shopping system.The checkout system below is directly to send your payment to 65K2’s PayPal, please be sure that you know this.

Left one is the stock one, Right one is from 65K2



FYI, all payment would be send directly to 65K2 (the paypal account would be shown as, payment won’t be send to RGR.

If you get any inquiry or question about this product, please fell free to get contact with Mr. Chen from 65K2 via email

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