[NES] Project Status Update

Back at the end of 2021, we released a thrilling project – NES Shells in hope to bring them to all the NES lovers. Unfortunately, as of now we still have not reached half of the MOQ. However, we are not giving up!

We intend to keep this project open for another 1.5 month to gather enough quantity for this product line. As we are pushing for the MOQ, the estimated delivery date will be delayed for around 50 days to 2 months. Your patience would be greatly appreciated.

If you are in for this product and you don’t want to miss out, share it out with your friends! We are expecting very hard to make it happen for you! If there is any question that is holding you back from getting on our pre-order wagon, please do not hesitate to reach out to us on Twitter and Facebook.

You can place your pre-order here: https://retrogamerestore.com/store/nes-shells/