Important Pandemic Update

Taiwan is currently undergoing an outbreak of Covid-19. The government introduced a temporary policy urging people to work from home until June 14 to flatten the curve.

This outbreak has lasted for 2 weeks. Among all cities, the Greater Taipei Area reported back the most cases which is now a hot spot. The factory we are working with is located right in the hot spot and they are currently all working from home, which means they do not have access to the machines.

With it being said, we are sadly to announce the estimated delivery date of SNES Transparent Cases will de delayed for at least 3 weeks. The planned delivery was at the end of May/the beginning of June. There is possibility the delay may be longer depending on the curve to be flattened. We hope the situation will be resumed as soon as possible. Once resumed, we will work on the production and the delivery as our top priority.

We are sorry to make such announcements but we promise we are trying our best. We will keep everyone informed with the latest updates on our social media. Please stay tuned and stay safe.