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Carnivore2 MSX cartridge shell ($7.29, postage not included)


RgR made Carnivore2 Cartridge Transpart Shell is now avaliable to be purschased here, we made smoked transparent version and also clear transparent version.

You can get RGR made Carnivore 2 here: http://retrogamerestore.com/carnivore2/

Carnivore2 is a multi-function MSX cartridge developed by the Russian Bear Service Crew (RBSC) in 2017. The project was released as open-source and several manufacturers were authorized to produce the cartridge commercially.

Officail Site: https://rbsc.su/en/completed_projects/#carnivore2
Official User Guide: https://sysadminmosaic.ru/en/msx/carnivore2/
Project Website: https://github.com/RBSC/Carnivore2


1. The transparent clear/smoke Cartridge Shell of Carnivore 2 MSX is well producted in factory.
2. The transparent clear/smoke Cartridge Shell in this purcahse page is ONLY for Carnivore 2 PCB!
3. All in-stock items will be dispatched within 3 to 5 days via airfreight.
   However, please allow the out-of-stock items 14 days of preparation from the date of purchase until the order being dispatched.
   This is to ensure proper assembly and testing of the cartridges for quality control purposes.
4. The price is including shipping cost to the following destinations as listed below:
  North America: USA, Canada, Mexico
  South America: Chile, Brazil
  Europe: UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Poland, Malta
  Asia: Korean, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia
  Oceania: Australia, New Zealand

BTW, Orders will only be dispatched to the aforementioned available countries. Full refund will be processed if the chosen destination does not match the list.

Please be reminded the included postage here is only for standardized airmail parcel. Should you choose other logistic services, such as EMS, to have your parcel dispatched, the additional costs will be borne by the customers.

Please also be kindly noted that due to the nature of air freight, parcels are measured by volumetric weight. It means the bigger/heavier the parcel is, the postage is higher. In this case, should you choose to combine two items to be dispatched together, three will be extra costs for the postage. If you need more information, please send us DM. Thank you for the cooperation.

Due to the serious crown virus condition, all delivering process would be dealyed, the shippment would be slower than expected.

Place Your ORDER here: (One single item is $7.29, the price in the list is postage included)

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