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Retro Game Restore - GPiMate for CM3+Lite $35.99

Price including postage shown at checkout

1. This adapter supports Retroflag GPi CASE.
2. This adapter supports Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3+
for less configration issue, we suggest that you should just buy "Raspberry Compute Module 3+ Lite",
as it would boot from SD card directly. (The other moudle would boot from internal eMMC first)

The case of Cartridge demostration:

GPiMate for the RetroFlag GPi Case - Add a CM3 + For More Power!

GPiMate CM3+ GPi Case Mod+ Developer Interview

Development Stage Video


(in above video the cartridge case is still with old desgin)

The full demostration (the cartridge case is still with old desgin):

Package included:
1. RgR GPiMate adapter board.
2. Case of cartridge
3. two labels

* * (Important) what's NOT INCLUDED - Retroflag GPi CASE and Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3+, SD Card are all NOT INCLUDED.
You will need to source these yourself.

The pre-order here is for the 7th batch (6th batch of preorder was end at June 13th), the estimated shipping date of the 7th batch preorder would be at the mid Aug.
This is to ensure proper assembly and testing of the RgR GPiMate adapter board for quality control purposes.

The shipping date of the 6th batch(May 11th to June 13th) is supposed to be started at mid to end of July 2020.
The shipping date of the 5th batch(April 5th to May 10th) was supposed to be started at mid to end of May 2020.
Due to the serious crown virus condition, all delivering process would be dealyed, the shippment would be slower than expected.

Place Your 7th batch of PRE-ORDER here:

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If you get installation issue, please check this video at first!