[RgR GPiMate for CM3+Lite]

[NEW Shell for RgR GPiMate ]

[RgR PC Engine Transparent Case]

[RgR PC Engine Smoked Case]

[Carnivore2 MSX Cartridge]


[RgR DPI Display Hat]

[RgR RS07Pie Adapter]

[RgR RS07Pie Adapter + DPI Display Hat]

[HuCard Cover for PCE DUO]

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HuCard Cover for PC Engine DUO made by 65K2 $20

Price including postage shown at checkout

Some insistence is existed just for perfection.
Factory level new made HuCard cover for PC Engine Duo.

Note: this product is not made by RGR, it is mayde by 65K2

If you get any inquary/question about this prodcut, please fell free to get contact with 65K2 via email 65k2@65k2.com

Left one is the stock one, Right one is from 65K2

Place Your ORDER here: (international shipment included)


FYI, all payment would be send directly to 65K2 (the paypal account would be shown as hero216@gmail.com), payment wont be send to RGR.

If you get any inquiry or question about this product, please fell free to get contact with Mr. Chen from 65K2 via email 65k2@65k2.com.